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Get Your Article Edited – Free of Charge!

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You can make as much as $100+ per 500-word article as an online writer and $1,000+ per month as a blogger.


But first, you better learn how to write great articles.


This free offer will help you: I’ll edit your article for free, but there’s a catch (to make it a win-win for you and me)…


“New writers need this a lot.”


Perhaps, you’re a new writer and you want to quickly identify major issues in your writing.


Such issues range from simple aspects like formatting, grammar and spelling; to more complex ones like tone, style and flow of narration. I recently listed 50 major issues and still counting.


Having your article edited is a great way to uncover and correct errors without going through a lengthy training course.


“Experienced writers need it even more.”


Even as an experienced writer, getting a second opinion on your writing can help you identify: blind spots, cognitive biases and many other habitual human errors that we often can’t recognize on our own.


Identifying major issues in just one of your articles can help radically improve your writing proficiency; since you’ll apply the lessons learned in future articles.


Here’s the catch (read through to the end)

I’ll publish your article – with the edits – on my blog, for other writers to benefit too (the authorship will remain anonymous, just in case I shred it into pieces).

As long as the offer lasts, I’ll edit two or three articles every two weeks.


Check out the edited articles so far >> Edited Articles


To get in on this Free Edit offer, all you have to do is: give us your details in the form below, so we can contact you.

We’ll select writers, one-by-one, until we’ve edited an article from each person who subscribes to this offer; or when the offer ends – so get in early.