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Personalized, On-the-Job Online-Writers Mentoring Program

Improve Your Writing to Increase Engagement, Traffic, Conversion and Income



i Scribe Online’s Personalized, On-the-Job Online-Writers Mentoring Program is a one-week, on-the-job mentoring program for new and experienced writers, and bloggers.


Experienced mentors will guide new and pro writers, and bloggers to leverage on their unique strengths and overcome their individual deficiencies, in order to achieve their career goals.


What You’ll Get From the Mentoring Program


The program will help:


  • new writers improve their writing, in order to quickly move up the ranks and earn more from writing.


  • experienced writers transform their content, so they can capture higher paying, long-term clients?


  • bloggers create more captivating, insightful and engaging content, with the potential of increasing blog traffic and conversion rates?


Overview of the Mentoring Program


The program lasts for a period of one week: Monday to Friday.


On the first day, your strengths, weakness, experience and other aspects will be evaluated.


On each of the four remaining days, a mentor will guide you as you tackle one article per day from your client(s) or an article per day for your blog.


Before you write an article, you’ll be instructed and advised on the best approach to take, based on your writing abilities, the type of content, targeted readers, writing style and other aspects.


After you write an article, your mentor will review it and provide suggestions and corrections where necessary (this will be a more personalized version of the edits and reviews here).


Once you complete the program, your profile will be placed on the i Scribe Online site.



The Personalized, On-the-Job Online-Writers Mentoring Program costs $250.



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