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Victor Nyorani’s Profile and Writing Service



Martin Luther King’s I Have a Dream speech is among the most memorable speeches in American history, and even world history. It appears as a simple and enchanting play of words, which disguises the underlying expert skill needed to deftly craft words that you simply can’t forget.


And that’s the role of an expert writer: to deliver content that spurs readers into action and lives on in their minds.


Through my writing service, you can expect this and much more.


What You’ll Get From Me


Through my 3+ years as a ghostwriter/ SEO writer, I’ve learned and cut out what doesn’t work, and constantly enhanced the stuff that actually works. Just as I’ve been sharing this wealth of experience through i Scribe Online, I’ll customize it further to suit your special content needs.


My professional content writing service is based on proven expertise in the following areas…


Business/ Entrepreneurship: Join Me in De-constructing Long-Held Principles


The fact that 95 percent of small businesses fail within the first five years is a clear indicator that we should seriously re-think how we do business. Hence, I’m passionate about producing content that challenges the status quo and promotes creative business strategies.


Additionally, I’ve had diverse work experience in sales and marketing, and even ventured into small-scale business. Through the insights gleaned from this hands-on experience, combined with in-depth research, I’ve delivered uniquely interesting business-related articles:


Relationships: Let’s Make It Fun


How do you make relationships, or anything, fun? Play games!


The relationship articles I’ve written revolve around fun games couples can play together. And it’s not just fun, they help build relationships:


Health/ Fitness: My Academic Qualification Will Do Wonders for Your Website


I possess a degree in Exercise Science (B.Sc.), as well as professional training and work experience as a fitness instructor, which enable me deliver deeply insightful health- and fitness-related content:


The Content You’ll Get and How Much It Costs


I’ll competently handle varying types of content, and the cost will depend on the work involved:


Category 1 Remedial
Content type re-writes, editing, proofreading…
Features identifying biases/ blind-spots/ assumptions/ stereotypes, ensuring content resonates with target audience, fact checking content sources, correcting grammatical/ syntactical errors, correcting narration flow, creative re-writing, ensuring narration flow…
Rate less than $50 for a 500-word article (based on the intensity of work required)


Category 2 Advanced
Content type blog posts, articles, ghostwriting, website content, category 1 articles involving the features below
Features designing content specifically suited to your target audience; advanced online research; developing original, captivating and creative content; use of authority content sources; comprehensive coverage of specific topic; category 1 features
Added benefits promotion of your content through social media
Rate $50 to $150 for a 500-word article (based on the intensity of work required)


Category 3 Intensive
Content type high-impact interviews, in-depth case studies, powerful product/ book reviews, compelling landing pages, category 1 and 2 articles involving the features below
Features targeting influential personalities, extensive background studies, research on other books/ products/ cases/ personalities, category 1 and 2 features
Added benefits reaching out to influencers to promote your content, category 2 benefits
Rate $150 to $250 for a 500-word article (based on the intensity of work required)


Category 4 Extensive
Content type category 1/2/3 articles involving the features below
Features destination travel; statistical analysis; product acquisition; event experience; category 1, 2 and 3 features
Added benefits updates on on-going project/ events, category 2 and 3 benefits
Rate depends on specific costs


Contact me with your choice option or let’s discuss on a customized solution: